Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hey Guys, I'm back again with another custom Mego! This time around it's Captain America, as portrayed by Reb Brown in the two TV movies Marvel produced in the 70's. Cap is movie authentic with transparent shield, and motorcycle helmet! The body is from Cast-a-way Toys, plain blue bodysuit by Doc Mego, with alterations by myself, gloves are also hand made with some funky shiny pleather i had lying around. Boots are Cast-a-Way painted red, and now for the fun stuff....Caps helmet is an Evil Knievel helmet I chopped up and painted blue. His head is a vintage Hutch head i molded a cowl onto and painted. The wings on the helmet are craft foam,with prismacolor detail work, and the visor is clear plastic i cut from a soda bottle. The shield is also from a plastic bottle cut to Mego scale and adorned with decals i picked up on the Mego Museum boards. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to making h is motorcycle :) Hope you Likey! ;)

                                VIEW MORE PICS OF THIS ACTION FIGURE HERE